Building your own image/rom for Flatfish

(Raniere) #1

As more people get their Flatfish tablet we have more people wanting to get the last version of Firefox OS running on it. Unfortunately we can’t safety delivery image to you update your device so you maybe want to try build your own version of it.

Building your own version will take time and you probably will have to deal with lot of new problems for those that Google don’t provide a quick answer.

Finally, yesterday, for the first time, I build my own version of Firefox OS and now I’m using Gecko 33 at my tablet.

Please share your experience building your own version of Firefox OS in this topic.

(Steve Lee) #2

I asked the moderators to move this to under the maintenance category.

(Raniere) #3

Some users had complain about Marketplace not been available at their builds of Firefox OS. To fix this, add


at B2G/gaia/distribution_tablet/apps.list before you build Firefox OS. If you already built your rom of Firefox OS you just update Gaia following the steps at Hacking Gaia.

(Florian Bender) #4

I cannot build under OS X 10.9 with Xcode 5.1, as (unfortunately) expected. This seems to be related to Gonk basing on ICS – however, recent versions build upon KK. Is there a way I can try to build on my system? Why is SDK 10.6 required and later SDKs are not support? What’s blocking here? Any bugs I can follow for progress on this?

(Steve Lee) #5

For this level of detail that is probably not Tablet specific your best bet is to ask on #b2g or #gaia on IRC.
Do let us know here how you get on.

(Gabriele Vidali) #6

I haven’t build fxos for the flatfish yet cause I was busy building it for the flame but I’m using the 2.2 that I found on dropbox.
Now I want to try building it again but I’d like to ask if I can add cut&paste to the 2.2 as I did with the flame:

sed -i “/this.userPrefs[‘intl.uidirection.qps-plocm’] = ‘rtl’;/a this.userPrefs[‘selectioncaret.enabled’] = true;” gaia/build/preferences.js
sed -i “/this.userPrefs[‘selectioncaret.enabled’] = true;/a this.userPrefs[‘touchcaret.enabled’] = true;” gaia/build/preferences.js

(Steve Lee) #7

What context is that in? Manual after you build but before flash?
Seeing as it is probably gaia I’d say it might work as that is largely platorrm independent…
Certainly you can build for flatfish. I’ve done the full B2G stack several times.
I’d just try it as you can revert it you backup.

(Gabriele Vidali) #8

Ok, I’m building it right now.
I want to add my custom language which is Italian.
Do I just download it in gaia/locales like this ?
hg clone

(Gabriele Vidali) #9

I built it and, yes, I got the cut and paste now.
I also have the italian keyboard since I passed the “GAIA_DEVICE_TYPE=tablet B2G_SYSTEM_APPS=1 B2G_UPDATER=1 GAIA_KEYBOARD_LAYOUTS=en,it ./” comand.
Unfortunately I have no Italian language but only arab, English, Francais and Chinese.
I checked the file languages_all.json and it contains all possible language, while gaia/locales directory contains only the “it” subdirectory created from “hg clone”.

I’ll further dig but in case anyone’s got a solution, please speak !

(Steve Lee) #10

No solution I’m afraid but I did briefly look into it when helping someone in Argentina flash their Flame. In the end we went for nightlies which included loads of languages (not sure about keyboards).

There are some notes on building Multilocale but they are not clear on what features they are talking about. I also tried to find out what build options were used in the nightlies but never completed. There is a xml file included in the archive files but it only lists the files, not options :frowning:

Do let us know if you figure it out.