Call for contributors - Final version [Update] We need translations

(Lapineige) #21

Oh guys @Mozinet just spotted an error with the links. The number 6 is used two times, and the link to the mailing-list is missing. We should add this one: - and change the other numbers.
I’ve done it on the original one and French version.
Please make sure to do it on your translations.

(Lapineige) #22

I created a wiki page to host this call, it will be easier to find and share:
(I also added a link to, at the bottom).

The French version is included next to the English one, feel free to had more translations one it’s done :wink:


Hi, here is Japanese translation. :wink:

(Lapineige) #24

I assume it’s a final one ?
I will add it to the wiki, but please check it after that, I can’t be sure I do not make any mistake.

(Lapineige) #25

I’ve done it, please check if everything is correct :slight_smile:


It’s ok. My translation is from final en-US version.

(Lapineige) #27

Thanks for the fixes, and for the translation :slight_smile:

Let’s share this !

(Luca) #28

The Italian translation is now complete! We’re going to spread it in next days, thanks to @erotavlas and @enrico_ghiorzi!

(Lapineige) #29

But you forgot to correct the number mistake :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
I’ve done it, and it is on the wiki now ! :slightly_smiling:
Thanks :slightly_smiling:

(Luca) #30

Thank you Lapi! :sweat_smile:

(Lapineige) #31

Is my italian still correct ? (For the title)

(Luca) #32

C’est parfait, Lapi!


We can add a paragraph entitled “Why choose B2G OS”, where we can briefly explan why B2G OS is different between the others OS, and why you have to choose it. Reasons like attention to privacy, inexpensive resources, open source develop, community-oriented develop, simple UI, web as language.
I can write it in Italian, and i can also try to write it English (though my english isn’t good).

(Lapineige) #34

Well, it’s too late for this call, it has been shared even with copy paste.
We could keep that in mind for a next one.
But well for the point your highlighting, I think a link to the manifesto can do the job :slightly_smiling:

(Lapineige) #35

Hi B2Geeks :slightly_smiling:
We created a wiki page with a list of the working groups:
It would be nice to reference the people that translated this call (and everyone wanting to help for translation) - so in the future we could contact everyone easily if we need more translation.
So feel free to add your name on the list :wink:

(task listed here:

(Lapineige) #36

Up ! :slightly_smiling:
So now we have English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean !

As we have Spanish and Brazilians people, I’m wondering if you could help to translate this call to Spanish and Portuguese ? :slight_smile:

Is there some Arabic speakers ? (@Thatoo ?) It could be nice too :wink:
(I guess the answer is yes (as MDN do it), but does the Wiki support Arabic - and in general Right to left writing ?)

(Salvatore) #37

I have spanish translation translated with help of spanish girl. I think it’s ok at 95%.

(Lapineige) #38

That’s great ! :slightly_smiling:
So you need some review, right ?

Little call to all the translators (even if you didn’t work on this translation): we want to make a list of people on the wiki, to be able to contact you easily when we have more translation to do (that do not means it’s mandatory, it’s just a way ton inform potential volunteers).
Please take a look at this task:
You can also subscribe to the Translation label, on the same github repo.

Thanks ! :slightly_smiling:

(Salvatore) #39

Yes, it is better to review it :slight_smile:
If you want, you can add me to the list of Italian translators.

(Lapineige) #40

I created a task for that:
As we have 2 Spanish speakers subscribing to the repo, they might give you some help.

Also, @pochy you’re on the wiki for Spanish translation, please take a look if you have time :wink:

Italian or Spanish ? :sweat_smile:
(both ?)

For the contact information, I just link to your discourse account, ok ?

In general, feel free to request an account on the wiki, it might takes some time - and it can be blocking later.