Call for contributors - Final version [Update] We need translations

(Thatoo) #41

I don’t speak arabic… I’m learning farsi (persian) :slight_smile: I’ll try to find someone to do the translation, as my persian is not yet good enough…

(Lapineige) #42

Oh that’s right sorry for my mistake :frowning:


Hi, i can translate in italian. If you want, you can add me in the list as italian translater :slightly_smiling:
I know some people that can translate in greek, but i’m not sure they will accept. I can try to propose them to translate for our project.

(Lapineige) #44

Added, thanx :wink:

(Salvatore) #45

Ok thank you.
I can translate in Italian. For Spanish I need some help.
So you can add me for both even if for the second one as third choice :slight_smile:

(Lapineige) #46

So you added you before I had time to do it, perfect, thank you :slightly_smiling:

What’s the status of the Spanish translation ? Still needs some review ?

(Salvatore) #47

In my opinion it is ok :slight_smile:

(Lapineige) #48

When it’s ready just add it to the wiki :wink:

(Thatoo) #49

If you send me the spanish, even though I’m not expert, I can make a review and ask friend for help in case.

(Lapineige) #50

Link here :wink:

(Thatoo) #51

Here is the persian version :

However, because it’s a right to left language, when I copied it into the pad, it gets confused…
And I can’t copy it myself in the wiki as I don’t have any account yet. An I can’t ipload pdf here, so I don’t know what to do…


On Mozilla Wiki, you can put your entire text inside this div block for Right-To-Left language:

<div dir=“rtl” lang=“fa”>


lang=“fa” is a option, not required.

And markup guide :slightly_smiling:

(Lapineige) #53

Any update on the Spanish translation ?

(Sangyong Gwak) #54

Here is Korean version.

(Lapineige) #55

Thanks ! :slight_smile:
It’s the same one as the one on the wiki, correct ?

(Sangyong Gwak) #56

Correct. Thank you.

(Thatoo) #57

the persian version is ready but I still didn’t received my login/password for the wiki…

(Lapineige) #58

I can add it if you want, but in general it’s better that you have an account ready.
When did you requested it ?
@Valentin is in holidays so I don’t know who to contact in case of trouble with the account validation, sorry :frowning:

(simon g) #59

Maybe on IRC : irc://
or mailing list
found here :

(Montugshaikh) #60

Hi All,

I’d like to contribute to Indian language (Hindi). Pls. let me know how can I get started with this.

Thanks for big help!