Call for contributors - Final version [Update] We need translations

(Lapineige) #61

For this call, just open an etherpad for instance (useful for work in collaboration, and review) and start translating :wink:

If you have a wiki account, please add you to the translator list:
@Thatoo can you do it too ? :wink:

And if you have a github account, you can open an issue to ask for help, review, …

(Thatoo) #62

as soon as I can login in the wiki. :wink:

(Lapineige) #63

That’s a great plan :grin:

(Montugshaikh) #64


I’ve added me as a translator on wiki and will create etherpad or github
soon :slight_smile:



I create, with the others italian users, a etherpad page as platform for italian translation. We have just started the work, but we will translate the entire MDN Wiki and any future version of call for contributors.

(Thatoo) #66

I asked one of my friend to check the spanish version. Corrections (very few, when I check by myself I couldn’t see any mistake) are on the pad so if you want, you can update on the wiki.
The pad is here :

(Lapineige) #67

Thanks @Thatoo :slight_smile:

(Thatoo) #68

I haver just added the persian translation!

(Luca) #69

Thank you, @Thatoo!