Call for feedback and volunteers to help 'Map the Participation Software Landscape'

(Lyre Calliope) #1

As part of the effort to bootstrap a Participation Software Lab, I’ve taken on the task of conducting a process to map Mozilla’s participation software landscape.

Over the holiday I recruited James Lewis, a brand new Mozilla contributor with experience in this kind of work, to help me figure a process that makes sense for Mozilla’s needs. We’ve put together a framework that’s pretty comprehensive and it’s pretty much ready for vetting by key stakeholders and the wider community!

Details about the purpose, context, scope, timeline, etc of this project is all in the document:

DRAFT: Mapping Mozilla’s Participation Software Landscape

Given the scope we’ve defined, this is a pretty ambitious project we will need lots of help with to pull off. We’ve identified a number of areas where people can participate and anticipate there will be more as time goes on. It’s all in the ‘Get Involved’ section of the document, but here are the primary things we will need help with in the short term:

  • Help vetting the framework. Does it make sense? Is it properly scoped? Do we have the resources to pull it off within the first two quarters of this year?
  • Help solidifying the data model, related to the above item.
  • Help creating an initial survey! We’re not experts and need to find people with experience creating and conducting surveys that can guide/own a large chunk of this process.
  • Help coming up with a strategy to administer the survey so we can get as much information coverage across the organization as we can.

We’re hoping to have much of this work done by the end of the month.

Check out the project document and give us your feedback in the comments here as well as within the document itself.

(D Jan) #2

Could help with research/interviews/whatevergivesusinsights. I would need to get to know the ideas and current plans a bit better though.