[Call For Proposal] Mozilla India Community Restructure

(Prathamesh Chavan) #1

Hello Mozillians!

The Mozilla India Planning Meetup was organized on 9th and 10th of July 2016 at Pune. One of the major outcomes from the meeting is to engage the Mozilla India community on the structures we should put in place for our community moving forward.

Specifically, we are looking for Mozillians to provide
(a) recommendations of structures to consider
(b) comments on other people’s submissions.

Currently, the Mozilla India community is following a Task-Force structure for accountability and planning across the community based on particular functions. The Task-Force model was
established years ago when the community was much smaller and very different, and so with the growth of Mozilla India and emergence of strong sub-communities in different parts of the country, we need to get to an updated structure in order to have the impact we all want moving forward, including bringing value to individual Mozillians.

The restructure process is a 5-weeks process and will follow the below timeline:

  • 20th July - 31st July : Acceptance of submissions/proposals
  • 1st August - 7th August : Make proposals public for review, comment and suggestions
  • 8th August - 14th August : Time for the Work Group to integrate and filter comments and suggestions
  • 15th August - 21st August : Finalizing the structure by integrating everything

The new structure would be made public on 21st August in advance of a larger Mozilla India gathering on August 26-28.

You can propose/suggest a structure here http://goo.gl/forms/FQCs6MJeX5KJCgA52 or by sending an email with a link or attachment (ideally in an easy to copy format…not PDF) to musicandprathamesh@gmail.com

Here are some resources about organizational structure that can help you in your considerations:

About the form:

  • Your identity is kept anonymous.
  • You can draft the proposal in an Etherpad and can share the link of the same in the Proposal area.

To facilitate the restructure process, a working group of 5 people has been formed.

  • Prathamesh Chavan (Responsible)
  • Vnisha Srivastav (Responsible)
  • George Roter (Accountable)
  • Vineel Reddy Pindi (Support)
  • Soumya Deb (Support)

This group will work on the following things :

  • Make the proposals/suggestions public and open for the community to review and comment.
  • Process, analyze and integrate the suggestions and comments.
    Decide on the finalized structure.

Thank you!

On behalf of the Mozilla India Strategy and Restructure Work Group

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(Akshay) #2

If I put a URL in the suggestion box, can I update the content later? Are you going to copy the content from inside the URL after the submission last date or as soon as I submit?

(Akshay) #3

Erm, why is there a thank you message before the form is even submitted? It’s highly misleading.