Campus Clubs - Registration and Strategy for 2019

(Christos Bacharakis) #1

Hey All,

We know that lately, things have been a little quiet around Campus Clubs. But we’ve heard you! We know that students all over the world are excited about supporting Mozilla’s mission on their campus and want to register their clubs with Mozilla. That’s why we’re re-open registration for Campus Clubs and sharing our long-term strategy with you here for 2019.

Long Term Strategy for Campus Clubs

We’ve been busy working on a long-term strategy for the campus program and how we can better support all community groups that want to advance Mozilla’s mission. That’s why our goal for the end of 2019 is that Campus Clubs becomes part of a larger Mozilla Community Groups program (currently being piloted in India). Clubs will still register as Campus Clubs but through a central site that also allows non-student community groups to register to be recognized and supported by Mozilla. This is part of advancing the Mission Driven Mozillian Project which seeks to create modern unified structures and processes to optimize the health and impact of Mission-Driven Mozillians communities.

Registration is Opening Nov 20

In two weeks we will be re-opening the registration form for Campus Clubs with a more streamlined process to make it easier to sustain and support the program. Here’s what’s changing and why:

  • No more year plans, no more waiting - We’re updating the registration process so that once you’ve filled out the form you’ll get a link to orientation and can start doing activities right away. Once a month we’ll review the registered clubs and update the website. You don’t need to wait to “get approved” anymore!
  • Focus on established clubs - The biggest challenge in maintaining Campus Clubs in the past was helping new clubs get started. That’s why, for the time being, we’ll ask clubs to get started first (check out the “starting a new club” section of the training) and then join the program once you have a few members and a few meetings under your belt. If your club is fairly new you can always ask for help from more established clubs on…
  • Discourse & Slack - Once you’re registered you’ll be invited to join the Campus Clubs Slack and Discourse channels where you can ask questions, meet fellow-leaders and find support from other leaders like you. We’ll send regular emails to all registered people with activities, campaigns, and challenges you can be a part of.

So when registration opens again, who should register their Campus Club with Mozilla?

Clubs that are:

  • Established: For the meantime we want to focus on learning how we can support the groups who are already around. We love that you want to start a new group but we’ll ask that you get started first, then register with Mozilla.
  • Hold Regular Meetings: They can be in-person or virtual, but we want to support groups that have a regular cadence of getting together to coordinate, plan, and work.
  • Contribute to Mozilla Obviously! You need to make regular contributions to projects that support Mozilla’s mission, whether it be localizing, coding, answering support questions, throwing events, or participating in campaigns.
  • Have at Least 3 Members: Hanging out with a few friends is great but in order to be registered Campus Clubs must have an active set of contributors 3+ members.
  • Are Open and Welcoming: Mozilla and it’s official groups welcome everyone who shares Mozilla’s goals and wants to contribute in a healthy and constructive manner to participate. Groups cannot restrict membership.
  • Follow the CPG; The heart of Mozilla is people as such we require all groups who participated to agree to adhere and uphold to the Community Participation Guidelines (CPG).

Has Campus Clubs gone inactive?
Group Registration Pilot - Strategy for 2019
(Vishal 11702786) #2

Hey so I have completed the Orientation Program and submitted the year plan as well! But as per the new plans, do I need to go through the new process again? I mean do the training again? I have just completed!

(Christos Bacharakis) #3

Hi @Vishal_Das and thanks for reaching out.

According to the announcement we won’t have any on-boarding process since we will only accept already established Clubs.

You can refer to the FAQ for more information

(Poudelpranav) #4

I have completed the orientation and submitted year plan few months ago but not for opening new club but as a successor of captain of existing club appointed by previous club captain but i haven’t got any replies. During these few months, i have conducted some program but since i haven’t got any replies, my colleague are in confusion. . Also i have sent mail to with or club name and country.But haven’t got any replies. So i want to know what should be done in this scenario.