Campus Clubs - Simplifying the Enrollement Process

(Lucyeoh) #1

Since Mozilla Campus Clubs launched in September 2016 we’ve have had over 400 Clubs apply to build the open web with Mozilla, but as a new program we are constantly looking for new ways to grow and improve our program and processes.

Based on the feedback we’ve received we have recently streamlined the enrollment process to make it even easier for Clubs on University and College Campuses to get from signing-up to working on their first open source project!

Here are the specific improvements we’ve made:

  • Club Captains no longer need to wait to be matched with a Regional Coordinator to get started. Complete the training, submit your year plan, and go! We’ll send you a Regional Coordinator as soon as one is available in your region.

  • We made year planning simpler and easier. We know it’s hard to look a whole year ahead so we turned the document into a quick online form and made it shorter (and easier to understand!).

  • We focused all of our activities on building and open web technologies! You can now find activities where you learn new skills under “learn” and activities where you’re building or actively contributing to an exciting open source project under “build”.

We hope this will inspire those of you who are still setting up your club to complete the orientation and get started on one of the amazing activities, and those of you who haven’t started yet enroll today!

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been engaging with Campus Clubs so far. We share your passion for technology and are excited to support Campus Club worldwide as they work work to build the open web.

(osdgiiitbh) #3

We have completed training and submitted yearly plan but didn’t hear from Mozilla . How can we connect to RC and how long it would take.