Can I get a Sony Xperia Z3C from Foxfooding program?

I have been using Firefox OS on Nexus 5.
I can’t get recent build(I think it is because of B2G OS Transition).
I remember there was Foxfooding program. Is it still available?

Thank you.


Moving to foxfooding category.

It’s still ongoing yes.
But as the Nexus 5 is supporting fxOS, it might be possible (and maybe easy) to build b2gos on it. Would you like to try ?

I have failed to build the latest source from git for Nexus 5 several times. Build for Flame looks ok. Fixing the build script is not simple for me.

I saw the picture which shows B2G OS on Xperia Z3C yesterday.
I hope to meet B2G OS soon.

Please, open a topic and post your error message. I’m sure some will be able to help you :wink:

In the mid-time, did you tried mulet ?

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Files in looks a bit old.
I wonder if I can run latest B2G OS on Mulet.
Do you use Mulet? :wink:

No I’m not using it.

For the latest version, if it’s not available you have the solution of building it.

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I think I have to find another way to use latest B2G OS. :wink:


see this post :

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