Can not install add-ons since Firefox68 upgrade


I have installed an add-on using a GPO.

However, after upgrading to Firefox 68, my add-on is getting an installation error.

Is it impossible to install by GPO on Firefox 68? If not, why is not it installed?

The following is the part I checked about by connecting to about:policies.

Installation via download, not GPO, is installed normally, below is the installation link.

In the case of GPO installation, my add-on as well as other add-ons are not installed.

Please check the issue.

Thank you.

Could you try installing from a less sensitive path to see whether that makes any difference? For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\TestFolder\

The reason I mention that:

By default, Firefox 68 runs with “standard user” privileges (medium integrity) instead of “administrator” privileges (high integrity), so write access to some parts of the drive is restricted, which might affect extensions (I don’t know).

I tried to install the file in the desktop path.
ex) C:\Users\HeungE\Desktop\Test\

It is therefore not considered a path problem.

This is a bug we accidentally introduced.

If you switch to a file URL, it should work:


It should be fixed in the next version.

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