Can One submit a peticion for an update to an old addon?

Hello, I use thunderbird extensively and would like to know if it is possible to put petitions to vote to update or add addons to thunderbird ?

If a petition would have many votes it would be and strong indication for develpment of that functionality.

Example: There was a old add on named “Follow Up”, that is a functionality that is very important and is missing on latest versions of Thunderbird.

We don’t have any specific petitioning system, the most we have is a way to vote for specific issues on bugzilla. This is related to core functionality of Thunderbird though, not add-ons.

While we would love to pick up the tab (no pun intended) for each add-on out there to make sure they continue to be a great addition to Thunderbird, this is something we need help from add-on authors for. I think the best approach would be to get in touch with the add-on author and ask them to update the add-on.