Can you make a web editor that you can use all of the obsolete tags?

I wish… Some of those tags look really cool to me.

I’d like a web editor that you can use <nobr>, <marquee>, <blink>, and other deprecated/obselete tags!

Maybe you could also make a tag maker that you can code your own tags in JS or CSS and submit it to go under review, and maybe, if your tag is approved, anyone can use it!

Hello @A-Games

i tried the marquee for both of those

did not checked the other tags so give it a try and hope it help and have a nice day

Thanks! But <marquee> and <nobr> work on chrome. <blink>, however, dosent.

you welcome

check the Browser compatibility table here

and if you really need it then search for a polyfill that make the same effect or write it yourself