Cannot use .NET example from website


I’m working on a Blazor Web assembly project which uses DeepSpeech as a component. I tried to download the example from page and there is one error I don’t know how to fix.

The error is on line 62 of the code (can see attached pic for more info) and the error is “CS1729 ‘DeepSpeech’ does not contain a constructor that takes 1 arguments”

I wonder if anyone can help me and my team figure out what to do.

Thank you!

I’m pretty sure this is something that was already explained / covered somewhere else, but it’s really .Net specific so I defer to @carlfm01

Although @My_Tran this is code that is exercized by the CI, so it’s more or less sure the code is right. Since you have not bothered to explain and follow the required guidelines to request some support, we can’t help you until you properly layout all the steps you followed.

Also, sharing screenshots is painful to work with.

Hello @My_Tran I just tested on a clean solution and the code is correct:

 using (IDeepSpeech ds = new DeepSpeechClient.DeepSpeech("model.pbmm")) 
 { }

¿Can you please try to uninstall all ds versions, then clean solution and finally install the NuGet again?