Can't set Debugger breakpoints

(Guy Chamberlain) #1

I can no longer set breakpoints in the Debugger. It have tried 3 different ways and nothing works. I click on the line number to set it and it acts like it will do it and then immediately refreshes without it being set. The prev.js file shws “pending” entries.


(Harald Kirschner) #2

Which channel does this fail in?

Could you open the Browser Console from the tools menu and check it for related errors?


(Nick Devore) #3

I’ve got a bit more info on this. I cannot set breakpoints either, but it appears to be for inline javascript. I’m using ASP.NET and have a script tag. It’s on the javascript inside that script tag that I can’t set a breakpoint. It seems like the debugger dosn’t recognize this as javascript. I’m on 67.0b10 Developer Edition