Can't set Debugger breakpoints

I can no longer set breakpoints in the Debugger. It have tried 3 different ways and nothing works. I click on the line number to set it and it acts like it will do it and then immediately refreshes without it being set. The prev.js file shws “pending” entries.

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Which channel does this fail in?

Could you open the Browser Console from the tools menu and check it for related errors?

I’ve got a bit more info on this. I cannot set breakpoints either, but it appears to be for inline javascript. I’m using ASP.NET and have a script tag. It’s on the javascript inside that script tag that I can’t set a breakpoint. It seems like the debugger dosn’t recognize this as javascript. I’m on 67.0b10 Developer Edition


I’m having the same using Firefox Quantum 67.0.2 (64-bit).

I also have this problem with Quantum 67.0.2 (64 bit).

Cannnot set breakpoint in script with an aspx file . Works in a script file.

Same issue with Firefox Developer Edition 68b12 on Linux (Gnome Wayland). I cannot set breakpoints in a JS file…

The Browser console has no particular warnings/errors when I click on the JS debugger gutter to set a breakpoint.

I am experiencing same issue on FF 67.0.4 64bit .
work around / fix
I found a bothersome work around / fix. if close the devtools and refresh the page and then open devtools , then the adding breakpoints start to work.
but if I refresh the page while devtools are open , then after page refresh I can not add breakpoints by any method.

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I am also on 67.0.4 (64-bit) and find the the JS inside script elements on a .aspx page has the line numbers light grey and inactive.