CD Volunteers in London - Hackathon and more

(Brian King) #1

Hi Link Team,

We just wanted to send out a couple of pieces of information related to what is happening with the Connected Devices volunteers in London and how you can get involved.

  1. Hackathon on Friday
    Come prepared with things to hack on, and we’ll do the rest! We are here to help, so please share what are you planning for the hackathon with Michael and I this week. We will provide you with feedback and make sure have you everything you need.

  2. Meeting Volunteers
    Unfortunately, the time that most of you have set aside to invite people in to find out more about your project overlaps with ideation skills building sessions that the volunteers will be attending. However, we’ll be making introductions during the week and you will have plenty of opportunities to talk. We are all together during the boat event on Thursday, for instance. If you want specific introductions, reach out to us and we will set them up.