Changes to the Reps Council

(Chiorean Ioana) #1

Dear Reps,


  • Elio is stepping down from his Reps Council Role
  • The module owner is responsible to find a new Council member until next elections
  • Konstantina will step in as the Council chair filling Elio’s role for January/February

Long Version

Earlier this week, Elio Qoshi announced to his fellow Council members that he is stepping down from being a Reps Council member. Elio took this decision as he came to the conclusion that due to professional commitments he won’t be able to follow up with his responsibilities the way a council member is expected to. He will continue to contribute to the program as a Rep and as a Mozilla Community member.

Thank you Elio for all your hard work and passion during the past few months.

Based on Reps SOP the Mozilla Reps Module Owner is responsible to find a new Council member that will fill in for Elio until the next Reps elections. Until now, there hasn’t been made a decision, but expect an announcement by the end of next week.

Since Elio was also the Council Chair, Konstantina has stepped into the role for the months January/February.

Please let me know if you have any concerns!

Ioana Chiorean

(T.M. van den Broek) #2

Thanks Elio for your hard work as a council member! I am happy that you still a rep!

(Henrik Mitsch) #3

It was great while it lasted. Thanks for being part of the crazy Council journey, @elioqoshi!
I am glad to hear that we will still see you around the Mozilla Project.

Keep it up!

(Ryan Warsaw) #4

Is there a resource somewhere that explains the Reps organization in-depth? I browse this forum occasionally, but don’t understand what the council is, etc.

(Konstantina Papadea) #5

sure :slight_smile: Here you go

(Henrik Mitsch) #6

Hi @ryanwse,

I am a Reps Peer. If you want to learn more about our governance and the history of the program, feel free to hit me up on Slack and we can always have a short voice call.

Best regards,