Check extension update after runtime.restart()

(Сергей Темченко) #1

Hello, we need help with some update issue. Some time ago we’ve used web extension auto update. Once we uploaded new version to our host, web extension showed popup and suggested to restart browser. Also, when extension lost focus and popup faded, we called “browser.runtime.reload()” - that forced browser to make immediately check update, also as i know, just after restart, browser did check update, so after these two actions user had last extension version. Few days ago we’ve notices that these actions stopped working. Neither runtime.reload() nor browser restart don’t call check update and now we have to wait some time, when browser decide to check it. Was it temporary bug or our mistake and these shouldn’t work(check update) at all? Thank you.

(Jorge) #2

Firefox checks for add-on updates every 24 hours. Add-ons shouldn’t generally interfere with that, and the WebExtensions API has no way to trigger a manual update.