CLT Module 1: Introduce Yourself! (Club Lead Trainees Check-in!)

(Andres Godinez) #22

Name: Andres Godinez
Nickname: AGodinez
Country: El Salvador
School/Univ: University of El Salvador
Club Name: Club not formed as yet
Degree Program: Computer Systems Engineering
"I want to be a Club Lead because I like to share the knowledge with others, assist in the realization of technological events and I want to promote the Mozilla community with all college students they know about the Mozilla products and about the open web.

Also in my country no exist there is any other Firefox Club and this would be a good initiative for others schools/universities form a club and they contribute to the community." :smile:

(Aggarwal Akash1995) #23
  1. Name - Akash Aggarwal
  2. Nickname - akash
  3. Country- India
  4. University- Thapar University
  5. club name - new club to be made(so no name yet)…
    6.Degree Program- B.E -ECE
    7.Other Contrtibution Areas -Spreading the word, education , firefox
    I want to be a CL because I want to contribute in making a open web . I want the web remains free to the people and all people can contribute to it, not just consume it"

(Rodrigo Waters) #24

Name: Rodrigo Waters
Nickname: RodrigoWaters
Country: Porto Alegre
School/Univ: PUC
Club Name: WAM
Degree Program: Computer Systems Engineering
Other Contribution Areas at Mozilla that you are involved with : SUMO, dev FirefoxOS and Webmaker
I want to be a Club Lead because the WAM is doing a great job with WebMaker in Brazil, and the project fits with the characteristics of the group.

(Rohit J) #25

i want to promote openess and invoation

(Rohit J) #26

Rohit Jain
RJ Rohit
Techno Freaks
contributions webmaker
"i want to be a club lead because i want to promote invoation openness and develop leadership in me."

(Moiz Sajid) #27

Name: Moiz Sajid
Nickname: moiz
Country: Pakistan
School/Univ: National University of Computer and Emerging Science, Islamabad
Club Name: Currently applying
Degree Program: BS Computer Science
Contribution Areas at Mozilla that you are involved with (if any): Firefox OS

“Because I want to promote the Mozilla’s mission of Openness, Innovation and Opportunity on the web.” :smile:

(Akhil James) #28

Name : Akhil James
Nickname : akhil
Country : India
School/Univ : Cochin University of Science And Technology
Club Name : Mozilla Kerala
Degree Program : B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
Other Contribution Areas : l10n, SUMO, QA, Maker Party, Web Maker, Womoz, Web Development, Bugzilla
Fill in the blanks: “I want to be a Club Lead because…
I want to Contribute to opensource
Teach the web
Organise events at Schools and Colleges
Interact, Collaborate and share information

(Ruhi Saluja) #29

Name: Rohit Saluja
Nickname: Rox
Country: India
University: Thapar University
Club Name: Yet to start one
Degree Program: B.E. Computer Engineering
There is a lot my college and department can gain from Firefox and the student ambassador program. It will be nice to have an environment that calls for knowledge and innovation to the open source community.

(Budiman Oktavianus) #30

Hi Everyone
-Name: Budiman Oktavianus
-Nickname: Budiman
-Country: Indonesia
-School/Univ: STMIK NUSAMANDIRI Jakarta
-Club Name: Nuri Fox Club
-Degree Program: Information System
-Other Contribution Areas at Mozilla: Webmaker, Firefox OS, Firefox.
-"I want to be CLT because it’s free and i want to know how to management good fsa club?

Best Regards
Budiman Oktavianus

(Arman Khossain) #31

Name: Arman Khossain
Nickname: arman
Country: Canada
School/Univ: University of Manitoba
Club Name: n/a
Degree Program: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
I want to be a Club Lead because I have had lead positions with other organizations before and I am positive I can contribute in campaigns on campus for openness and freedom of the internet - which highly resonates with my interests!

(Niyasns007) #32

Hi everyone
Name: Niyas N S
Nickname: niyas
Country: India
School/Univ: University College of Engineering ,Karyavattom
Club Name:UCK FC
Degree Program: Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science
"I want to be a Club Lead because to lead my friends to the openness of mozilla and to share knowledge "

(Krishna Venu) #33

Hi everyone
Name : Krishna Venu
Nickname : Kichu
Country : India
School/Univ : Federal Institute of Science and Technology, Angamaly
Club Name : FISAT Firefox Club
Degree Program : Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
I want to be a Club Lead because I want to conduct events on web literacy, spread knowledge about the opportunities on Web and also to connect with people to improve my knowledge and widen my circle of friends. I would also like to improve my leadership skills.

(Mosaraf Hossain Tipu) #34

Name: Mosaraf Hossain Tipu
-Nickname: MH_TIPU
-Country: Bangladesh
-School/Univ: Sylhet Polytechnic institute
-Club Name: SPI Firefox Student Ambassador Of Sylhet Bangladesh.
-Degree Program: Diploma in computer Engineering
-Other Contribution Areas at Mozilla: SUMU, AOA, MLS, Webmaker, Community buildup
Fill in the blanks: “I want to be a Club Lead because I am the founder and Club Lead of SPI Firefox Student Ambassador Of Sylhet Bangladesh, and now looking for my successor to handover the club.”

(Kaushik Bharadwaj) #36

Hey This is

Kaushik Bharadwaj
You can Call me Kaushik
I am From India
I belong to CVSR College Of Engineering
Firefox - CVSR
I am pursuing my B.Tech in the Field of Computer Science and Engineering
Was one of the Key Speaker at Intromoz CVSR and helped organize the event.

Why Club Lead ?

The reason why I would like to be a Club Lead is because I want to share my knowledge to my fellow FSA’s in my college and also encourage other fellow mates who are interested in Firefox club to learn Different Webmaker Tools and Conduct Amazing Fun events which helps people to understand the power of Open Source and Community driven Efforts !

(Harshitaved) #37

Hello Everyone, My name is Harshita Ved. I am from India and currently pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering from Information and Technology branch in Medicaps Institute of Technology and Mangement, Indore.
I want to be a Club Lead because I personally like innovation and openness that mozilla offers us. I want to share mozilla tools and make people aware of its products and inspire them to remix product and learn more.
It will increase my skills and will give me chance to put my ideas and connect with new people.

(Kustiawanto Halim) #38

Hello Everyone!
Name: Kustiawanto Halim
Nickname: Wawan
Country: Indonesia
School/Univ: University of Indonesia
Club Name: UI Firefox Club
Degree Program: Bachelor of Computer Science
I want to be a Club Lead because I want to share Mozilla and do volunteer. I want to spread new information to help others and connect people.

Nice to meet you all!

(Ibrahim) #39

Name: V Mohammed Ibrahim
Nickname: darkcoder
Country: India
School/University : TocH Institute of Science and Technology (affiliated to Cochin university of Science and Technology)
Club Name : club not started
Degree Program : Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
Other Contribution Areas at Mozilla: Web-maker , Firefox OS
"I want to be a Club Lead because i feel that it is necessary for students as well as others to have applicable knowledge
about the web and open source community in order to achieve a better understanding of internet privacy and i want to take the initiative to start a club to contribute the global community "

(kavine) #40

Howdy Mozilians,

      fellow community members i am here to introduce about a person who is going to start a club in my college ! yes its me

Name: kavine
Nickname: ace( ranked as the highest card in its suit in most card games.)
Country: India
University : Sri Manakula Vinayagar Engineering College
Club Name :
Degree Program : B.Tech Electronics & Communication
Mozilla Contribution’s : Mozilla Q/A , Web Maker , Evangeliser, Mozilla Affiliates
Why I am A Mozillian ?
I want to be a Firefox Club Lead because I want an open web and i am sure that mozilla community will help us safe-guard it! This urges me to share its awesome features to my people. Becoming a Club Lead will give more opportunity to reach more people with Mozilla’s Mission.

If i am a piece of code i will be open-source :wink:


Hi mozillians,
I’m Niccolò Cantù, also known as nicokant.
I’m from Italy, in particular from Milan, in which I attend the University of Milan.
My Degree program is Digital Communication.
The Firefox Cub Milano will be the first in Italy!!!
as you can see from my mozillian page I’m also involved in:
App development, App board curation, App reviewing, Web compatibility for Italian websites, Marketplace activities.
I want to be a Club Lead because I want to help other students of my University to discover Mozilla and its project, I want them to understand the importance of privacy and open web.

(Olawole Olakunle) #42
Nickname: SENATOR
Country: NIGERIA
Club Name
Other Contribution Areas at Mozilla that you are involved with (if
Fill in the blanks: "I want to be a Club Lead because..."i want to contribute immensely to the advancement of openness, innovation and opportunity on the Web in Nigeria".