CLT Module 2: What is your favorite Mozilla product? Why is it your favorite? (Pick only one)

(Faye Tandog) #1

Hey Club Lead Trainees!
Congratulations on finishing the 2nd module!

For this discussion we would like to know about your favorite Mozilla product and what makes it your favorite. Describe the product, enumerate its features and convince us why it should be our favorite too!

(Fachrul Razy) #2

My favorite Mozilla product is a browser, that is Mozilla Firefox, because it has feature to give the user information about who is tracking us (lightbeam) and many more. It gives the most important knowledge to the end user to concern more about their privacy while surf the internet

(Hoba Stephane) #3

Hi ,
My favorite product is Webmaker Mozilla because it makes learning fun, easy to use and intuitive, it is a great learning and rich tool.

(Parth Garg) #4

According to me, my favourite Mozilla product happens to be the Mozilla Firefox browser. The reason is that since my initiation of my acquaintance with internet, I have been using it. The browser impresses me with its ‘coming-to-age’ endeavours. In an era when IE was just stuck at simple browsing, Mozilla provided us with ‘ahead-of-its-time’ features like tabbed browsing, secure browsing, faster browsing etc. And even after so many years, Mozilla continues to foster its legacy.
In addition, the fact that people at Mozilla volunteer themselves for the promotion of web literacy and web independence, it definitely does not have exploited employees. This non-profit organisation is definitely I feel people must look up to.
Besides, I also feel a childhood connection with the Mozilla Firefox browser and I deem it a responsibility to contribute for its betterment and growth.

(ykpoh) #5

I would say Firefox browser because it is the first Mozilla product I use and the one which helps me the most. However, recently, Firefox crashes a lot while I am loading some pages on my browser, hoping the problem will be solved soon.

(Samhith) #6

Firefox browser, because of all its add-ons and other awesome features that add a sense of security while browsing. Great customization options and speed. This is what has made Mozilla so popular among the common people!

(Syed Muhammad Mahmudul Haque) #7

My favorite product of Mozilla is Firefox. I like Firefox for its privacy, interface and thousands of add-ons.

(Sushmitha madireddy) #8

My Favorite product of mozilla is webmaker and APIs. we can have fun with it and also make frnds suprise by APIs .i like popcorn maker :slight_smile:

(Hoony) #9

My favorite product is also firefox(developer edition), but many already picked it. I love Thunderbird. Thunderbird has lots of, lots of, lots of!! features that I need - e-mail client(including PGP), messenger, IRC, and so on!

(Iheanyioba1) #10

My favourite poduct has to be the Mozilla firefox Os because it represents a consolidation of the ideals of mozilla in one. This is because of the fact that it was developed using open tools and also integrates the firefox browser which is the most popular mozilla product in this part of the world. For me the Mozilla firefox Os is a great example of what can be achieved using open web technology to achieve the same results as other tech giants e.g Android and ios

(Adamya Goel) #12

My Favorite product from Mozilla foundation is Mozilla Firefox Browser & Thunder Bird also. As i m using Firefox Browser from many years & i m loving it. The most Loved feature of Browser is its Add-on Services as well as its security features too.
On the other hand, Thunder Bird inbuilts with many features like as e-mail clients as well as social messager like Facebook, G-Talk, IRC etc.

(Mohammed.Imran Ali) #13

My favorite product is add-on and Firefox android because it help us alot in each field like if we want to take snap shot of screen it is not possible in all android phone , but using using add-on one can easily grab the whole screen or half according to his wish.

And let me give you another example while reading a new blog or page it hard to copy down the entire document and most devices aren’t capable of copying thing but tools can help you to save the whole page and one can read it whenever he/she gets free time .

These add-ons should be highlighted to maximum extent so that one can find easy way to finish the work as soon as possible in this fast and busy life

I believe in order to stay alive in this competitive world we should start developing these tools.

(Miten Kashiyani) #14

My favorite Mozilla product is Firefox for android.
Because it really makes my browsing speed faster than others with great privacy. and keeping safe my mobile. :smile:

(Ruwaizrazak) #15

i don’t know whether you appreciate a tie, but it is a tie for me. The web maker and persona are my favourites because the latter makes it easy to login to many sites without hassle and the former just teaches us the basics in a very interesting manner.

Xray goggle and Thimble is really a bless for when it comes to teach some one how the web works.

(Rohit J) #16

My Favorite Mozila Product is Firefox OS because it is open source ,free and ofcourse you can develop apps with simple langauges like HTML CSS. The simulator runs the app like a web app. the os is directly web in short.

(Ruhi Saluja) #17

Firefox is my favorite Mozilla product. When it comes to web browsing, it has to be Firefox. Fast, smooth, intuitive. You can’t ask for more. It has lots of cool plugins, has a friendly UI and above all, its not a RAM eating monster.

(Niyasns007) #18

My favorite Mozilla Product is Mozilla Firefox Browser.Most important feature of Mozilla Firefox browser that I like is its speed and simple structure.Also addon’s of this browser are very good.Button to open Menu in right side of the browser is very user friendly .It help to access seeings and other options easily.

(Krishna Venu) #19

My favorite Mozilla product is the Mozilla Firefox web browser since its the first mozilla product that i have used and it has some very useful tools for users including thousands of add ons

(Kaushik Bharadwaj) #20

My Favorite Product would be Firefox OS as I think it has got lot of Potential and Could be the next big thing it runs smoothly even on the most minimum hardware and that’s what tests a OS’s true capabilities and in which Firefox OS excels and the development tools are also very simple so even a non dev and build apps for the OS.

(Harshitaved) #21

My favorite Mozilla product is Mozilla Webmaker. I loved it because of all the incredible tools it offers like appmaker, thimble etc. I am an engineer in IT stream so all this amazing technology makes me very fond of it. Webmaker makes our browsing more secure,private and allow remix i.e we can create our own version of sites. It is totally amazing.