CLT Module 2: What is your favorite Mozilla product? Why is it your favorite? (Pick only one)

(Kustiawanto Halim) #22

Hi! My favorite Mozilla product is Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is super light, complete of feature, and many developer options! I love it simple design and productivity. It never end with crash when I use it not like the other browsers.

(Nouman103) #23

Webmaker is my favorite because it is awesome.

(Ahsanawan205) #24

My favorite Firefox Product is FireFox browser because it looks beautiful and it makes my web experience more fun with its smoothness and faster speed and i love to use webmaker because it is a great learning and rich tool.

(Ibrahim) #25

My favorite Mozilla project would be the Firefox OS ,
Firstly it is open-sourced and is based on web technologies like HTML and CSS which makes it more easier for existing developers to create new apps and easier for newcomers to learn the art of app making which will lead to large amount of quality contributions,
then , the demand for more user friendly and secure platforms is increasing ,the Firefox OS provides the right opportunity
for people to know the pure power of open-source projects and its contributions to the internet

(kavine) #26

Howdy Mozillians,
Among many products of mozilla the more i :heart: to use is the Firefox Browser . Anybody can admit that it’s the best and secure browser which supports real privacy . The out of the box feature about the Mozilla’s Firefox browser is the Add-ons ! I use a big collection of them and i use them all the times from downloading youtube videos , creating pdf of the web page, switching to my favourite themes . It’s a lot more fun to use them :slight_smile: . Bugzilla is there with a huge community back up to support the end-users ! which lags for the other browers i suppose . The more i use firefox the more wiser it becomes !!!


I really love Firefox OS because is a mobile system trusty and that respects your privacy and security. I like it because it’s really simple to use and it’s a true alternative to the other mobile system!
In fact my story as a Mozillian start from there, as a Firefox OS developer. Firefox OS allows anyone to create something amazing that could be spread thanks to the marketplace and the marketplace community. Firefox OS is amazing because is free and open software, everyone can modify, improve and learn from this system. That’s why I love Firefox OS.

(Olawole Olakunle) #28

Hi Every one, My favorite Mozillian product is the Firefox for andriod- It is vast, swift, matured and user friendly.

(Tane juth) #29

Hello everyone ,my favourite mozilla product is thunderbird.Its irc chat feature , just love it :-always in touch with the open source community,also the mail feature which is fast ,reliable and cool,no need to go to to check and manage my email,chat on social networks,not to say much,thunderbird just awsome.

(Jean Michel de Souza Sant' Ana) #30

I really loved the X-Ray Goggles when it was presented to me by some Mozilla’s volunteers. It is so simple, but with them it’s so easy to teach people that doesn’t know anything about web how it works and how you can change it. Of course i like some other ones, but the simplicity of the Goggles caught me. =D

(Sreejith Swamidas) #31

My favorite product is Mozilla Firefox web browser, The most important reason is,it’s privacy.It doesn’t shares our details to any other and says do not track to other websites also,and I am fan of light beam comes with Mozilla, also various add-ons are available in Firefox and it does not hang up to a big amount.
we can customize the browser fully and it provides a minimum amount of adds that appear in the websites.
I also uses it, to test my coded web content and it has powerful developer tool too…

(jigs12) #32

My favourite product/project is the Firefox OS because of its easy HTML, CSS and JavaScript development base which many of the individual in today’s world knows. As its the era of smart phone and people want to control and utilise maximum of it Firefox OS provides more features and flexibility in providing the individual the power to control.

(Khalid Syfullah Zaman) #33

My favorite product is Firefox OS.
First of all it’s fully based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript language.
Who shall possess the knowledge of web development can also create apps for Firefox OS; which is a plus point for all web developers.
It’s accessible to make apps via WebIDE and Simulator. They completely wipe out the harassment of downloading external IDEs and plug-ins.
To me, Firefox OS is a strong example to give the revolution to open web technology into mobile devices.

(Atul Krishna) #34

My favorite Mozilla product is Persona as it is an open source platform where we can login to website in few clicks. It is safe and secure. We don’t have to remember password on each websites. We can login using any email id. Whenever I got a chance to login a website with persona, I prefer Persona. Anyone can implement Persona on their website. It is free and open to use.

(Anirudh Goel) #35

Mozilla Firefox is definitely my favourite product by Mozilla as it is the most secure and modern browser available to us. It is super fast and also has a plug-in for whatever you want to do.

(Gowtham Venkat) #36

My favorite product of Mozilla is Persona. There are three things which made me love it:

  1. It is open source
  2. Single login for multiple sites
  3. Does not store your personal data

(Roopak Suresh) #37

Well actually my Favorite Products are the Mozilla Firefox Browser and the Mozilla Webmaker.

  • The Firefox browser with Track Protection- Loving it!.
  • The Webmaker - Cool way to teach others about the web. :wink:

(Srushtika Neelakantam) #38

My favourite is the Firefox Browser, of course ! :slight_smile: With its enumerable features increasing everyday and those lovely add-on, it definitely has a cutting edge over the other ones. One among the best ones is the Private browsing feature which serves a great help when using your friend’s PC. You don’t have to check if you’ve logged out of websites ! The developer on serves in really handy because there’s no need to download unnecessary stuff and go through a time consuming round of setup !

(AnujaReddy) #39

My favourite Mozilla product is the Firefox browser because it is primarily a free & open source. It is flexible, fast and most important it is user friendly. It provides online privacy by not passing on the information of its users to anyone. One more feature that is interesting about this browser is the Forget button.I was so fascinated that my first presentation being an FSA was on the use of Forget button.

(Isuru Abeywardana) #40

My favorite Mozilla product is Mozilla Firefox because there are lots of Add-ons which are very useful for web development, are available in Firefox.

(Lakshmanan Meiyappan) #41

My favourite Mozilla product is Webmaker, because it promotes web-literacy and provides opportunities for all to become a Web Maker. It is intuitive and lots of fun too. (XRay goggles)