Coach framework for Participation leaders

Hello everybody,

We are beginning with this project to train our Participation Leaders with Coach skills that could help other mozillians to grow in their capabilities and find their pathway inside Mozilla. We will begin with the new round of Reps Mentors, so after this first group, we could scale to other mentors and all the Participation Leaders.

The current plan is begin with 12 new mentors and train them using General calls and a Peer coaching system where they will be learning by doing. Then, Reps Council will be assigning them 2 mentors/coachee each (there will be some new Reps and other mozillians too). After this training, they will help to create new Coaches.

The resources we created will be open and available for everyon, and will be working with the Leadership toolkit develop by Participation Team.

If you have any question/comment, please do in this thread.



@deimidis I just met with @verenanz and will be getting involved in the project. (I was working with @emma_irwin over the last year on the Leadership framework and toolkit.

I am willing to serve as a critical eye on the training materials we are developing for the coaching toolkit/curriculum

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I would like to help and serve as a part of the planning and development team. If you need any help please reach out to me. I would love to share my input in the coaching best practices and participation leadership area!