Coaching or teaching: there's the challenge!

(Mónica Bonilla) #1

Coaching or teaching: there’s the challenge!

The coaching role isn’t easy. However, the motivation, interest in sharing your knowledge and learning more about the people are the way for being.

I think my coaches have been the best! Of course, all are different. Some of them have listened to me, others have made suggestions, and many have supported my ideas and shared their experiences to get where they are. Some of them are used to documenting everything they do; others are just good at talking. In the end, everyone has contributed to my training and development as a person, as a professional and also as a coach.

More things I has learning about coach role are best right now, however I think wit always, every day, in all moment and experience I learning. The people always teach me. So, I believe that the key to being a good coach is to see training as a way for others to learn or specialize in a subject, but also to see it as a way to develop as a person, to be better, to learn and build with others. The strategies I know that are used by my coaches and now use are several.

  1. See all processes and situations as lessons learned.
  2. Listen. It is always important what others say, their opinions, perceptions and ideas.
  3. We all have different motivations and interests, and these are what move us. It is important to know what drives us to guide processes.
  4. Just as we are different, we also have different ways of learning or understanding things. You have to look for strategies, be very creative to make your message reach people.
  5. We’re all important. Always, everyone around us and working with us has something to teach and share with us.
  6. Many of the answers we seek are in ourselves. Talking and listening are strategies that can lead to answers.
  7. Accept changes. Every change is a way of building oneself, so one must always be able to take situations for growth.
  8. Sharing knowledge. We all have different skills, as well as knowledge, and the best way to exploit all this is to share it and pass it on to others.
  9. Document what we do. We may not be used to writing or counting the activities we do, but it is very important that there are memories of what we do. This can help others understand and also challenge the work that has been done.
  10. Have clear objectives and goals. When you work with a clear goal, the path, even if it changes, will always have a horizon.

Best regards, :grinning: