Coaching Practise - The art of Silence

(Edoardo Viola) #1

Hello All, I just finished today to read all the materials of the Coaching Training. Basically, I prefer to produce only one narrative for this Training than more shortest.

During my life, not only inside my Mozilla Italia community but in general in some other experiences, one of the most important lessons that I learnt was the silence. Be in silence and listen to the people around us first to think about what say next or to reply is something of magical and very useful in some aspect of our life.

But in the coaching, I think that is the first essential tool that we have to understand the people around us and our coachees. How can think about the right questions, and how can be able to understand the context, the coachees as persons, the goals that they have and how they want to arrive step by step to reach them without the silence and the real listening.

Be a coach, signify for me, be able to create a safe zone, where the people feel to be able to open their mind without any blocks and be ready to explain their goals, the road that they want to take to reach that, and be able to have a continuous relationship of feedback oriented at the growing, not only for the coachees but for the coach too. I think that the safe zone, it is important to build a great relationship helpful to increase the motivation and the reciprocal trust, important at the end to reach all the goals pointed at the start.
Be in silence when the people talk, express something, or interact, is essential for a coach to understand if the safe zone exists and if it is reliable for the coachees.

It is in really important to don’t judge anyone in general, but in the process of coaching is another important piece to create or maintain a constructive relationship. For that, all of us must talk in a way that is respectfully and be in empathy with the coachees. A coach must be an example for the coachees in all that and use it to help them in the process of reaching the goals.

All those things I learned thanks at who be a coach for me and when sometimes I was a coach for other. For that reason in the past I had the opportunity to talk at the CLSx Italy about it. This experience gave me the opportunity to be part of a great situation where all the communities in Italy share their experience and try to understand the other.

Thanks for this Training that was super helpful to re-think about my ideas in the hoping to continue to increase my skills in coaching to help the other in my community and in general in my life!

(Abhiram R) #2

Silence is definitely a skill set we should all have! Thanks for this post.