Coaching Training last week report

Hello everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

This is my summary of last week’s training session. Thanks to Shahbaz Bhai (@ shahbaz17) for giving us the practice. And also thanks to the other members who are in training for participating and knowing them better:

Pranshu (@pransh15)
Kristy (@kristiprogri)

CASE 1: The coachee is a part of a small but growing community and would like to know how they can increase their numbers, enable these volunteers to make an impact and make their community visible in the local tech scene.

  • Kristi: OKR method to help the coachee to understand their goals and key results.
  • Pranshu: Getting some community feedback is always a good point to start.
  • David: I mentioned about the coachee can start doing small activities in his city or in some university or college

CASE 2: The coachee is an existing member of a community who does activities as the opportunity comes (i.e new campaign, an invitation from schools) making the community stalled sometimes. The mentee wants to learn how (s)he can step up to drive his/her community in a better direction.

  • Kristi: She mentions that the coachee can be asked to speak a little more about the context to understand the situation and guide him in a better direction.
  • Pranshu: He mentioned the importance of asking for feedback to get better feedback and also that they can start doing basic activities
  • David: Try to carry out the activities that the coachee already do in his community and search for a topic related to Mozilla.

CASE 3: The coachee is an active functional area contributor who has contributed to a couple of projects but this is the first time (s)he’ll be involved in a community. (S)He wants to learn how (s)he can reach out to people inside and outside the community to grow and make quality contributors.

  • Kristi: explore together what is the best way to reach people in the community: translation team, localization, other teams, and start talking to other people for projects and recruiting people who want to join the community.
  • Pranshu: Have communication channels for the community, weekly meetings and divide the topics into different groups.
  • David: try to start doing some friends in the community, review the areas of collaboration there in the community and try to find spaces where there are people who may be potential interested in being part of the activities

CASE 4: Being a new rep, the coachee wants to be more involved in being a leader in his/her community. His/Her community had a lot of achievements before, but it all stalled as community members slowly became inactive due to organizational changes, community conflicts and shifting priorities. (S)He wants to learn how (s)he can move forward as it feels like a big task to him/her that (s)he isn’t even sure if (s)he can do something about.

  • Kristi: Identify something that has gone right in the whole organization, I’d suggest to focus on the positive changes, and focus on what’s mentaly positive and that’s when we’d be able to give our 100 percent.
  • Pranshu: The first suggestion would be to fill in a space where a leader is required. A new person can always do activities and make changes. and look to the future to have a space adapted to reality.
  • David: I suggest to try to create communication channels, Find people who are still in the community, Try to do activities together, Try to motivate and motivate them by doing non-technical activities. and also Identify the abilities of the members and try to relate it to the community.

This was my summary of our tutoring meeting and thanks for reading.