Coaching training narrative

(Rizki Kelimutu) #1

Four years ago, I wrote a blog post to reflect my experience as a Mozilla Reps after just a month. One of the thing that I note back then was about why do I contribute to Mozilla, in which I wrote:

“It’s an opportunity to grow together that keep me as a volunteer there.”

And indeed, contibuting to Mozilla has turn me into a better person along the way. I never thought about the why before, but relecting back now, I realize that the opportunity to be coached and mentored inside the community has a significant role on that.

Reading the coaching training material, I can’t help but to remember how my mentor has help me to unblock issues with the GROW model. Although the structure itself seems natural and obvious, acknowledging the structure help me to re-shape my mindset to think about coaching session.

I’ve always been struggling on communication, let alone expressing feedback. I always afraid if my feedback offend people instead of helping them to acknowledge their issue. But the material about giving feedback in the training has help me to understand how we can express our feedback in a better way, so the coachees can instead see it as an opportunity to improve themselves.

The three levels of listening is also so relatable to my experience in the broader Mozilla community. I think the 3rd level about global listening has been so much helpful in a meeting with more people, while focused listening is needed in a more private session.

I consider myself to be very fortunate that I’ve been coached by a lot of awesome figures in the community. Whenever I blocked on a specific thing, I feel like I can always find someone that could spare their time to help me figure out my issue. I can’t thank you enough to them for the guidance and wisdoms that they have given to me throughout my journey in the community. #MozLove