Code contributors get started

(Valentin) #1


We started an etherpad to outline an quick guide for first contribution:

Feel free to contribute, and please keep it short (links are preferred to long texts) and structured.
Ideally, it will benefit from the mentoring session to get content.

(Valentin) #2

Shameless up!

(simon g) #3

I put (mostly) some questions / parts title

(Jovan Gerodetti) #4

We started to write a bootstrap script for building B2G

and did some work on Bens slides

(Lissyx) #5

I’m pretty sure all of this is already documented somewhere on MDN ; it might require to be updated, but it would be very useful to just gather the current documentation, link it and improve it if needed. For example, the use of brew on OSX is already encapsulated in a shell script to bootstrap on OSX, living in the B2G repo, under the scripts/ directory.