Code ServiceWorker

On Telegram @lapineige dropped a link to the Service Worker Cookbook which reminded me, that some other people collected examples, too.

We want to collect them here.

David Walsh blogged about Offline Recipes for Service Workers.

You’ll find articles about Service Workers in conjunction with Firefox Developer Tools on Mozilla Hacks as well.

Do you know more resources? Please share them with us!


As it’s a key point of webapps, indeed it can be useful to list some tutorials to get started / go in depth with service workers.

PS: the service worker cookbook is from Mozilla :wink:

The team at Cloud Four are blogging about their experience with Service Workers:

  1. Service Workers at Scale, Part I: CDNs and Multiple Origins
  2. Service Workers at Scale, Part II: Handling Fallback Resources
  3. Service Workers at Scale, Part III: Cache trimming and invalidation

The last one is not published, yet. I’m going to about this post once I get to know the URL.