Code Working Group


I set up the next meeting for the code working group on Tuesday the 26th, at 22:30 India Standard Time/19:00 Central European Standard Time/17:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)/10:00 Pacific Daylight Time.
This will take place in the B2G Vidyo room, on the B2G OS telegram group or #fxos IRC channel on
There is a pad here for agenda and questions.

I decided on this time because we need to get it this started, if you want to participate but the time really doesn’t work for you, please let us know or contact me directly. The following meeting time will be decide by a poll.



I will be there :slightly_smiling:

Reminder: it’s in 1h20 :wink:

Everyone with a background in programming is strongly welcome ! :slightly_smiling:
Even for “non-web” languages, it can be useful in other field like automated testing/building, infrastructure, and so on.

And of course you can also attend even if you’re not a developer :wink:

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Thanks @lapineige for letting me know about B2G OS meetup.
I am going to join it on telegram.

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

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You will find in the meeting notes some information about the current code status, and some links to get started.
Do not hesitate to share questions here.

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Anyone willing to take ?

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So right know it starts to be important to put our hands on the code, to start contributing. This is a community project, and the code part is the core of the OS.
As we all know, Mozilla’s employees will not be available forever, and we should take advantage of their current time and knowledge to help us to get started.
I imagine it’s hard for all of us to get started, it’s the same for me, so I wanna try to gather here some reactions and help, to motivate everyone and start easily to contribute :slightly_smiling:

I have an open question for all the contributors that have some code skills:

What are the issues that prevent you from getting started with B2G OS development > so what help do you need to get started :question:
Is it a matter of understanding how the tools work, how to submit a patch, how to report/file a bug, a matter of understanding B2G architecture, … ?

The answers to those questions is really important, and will help everyone to understand what’s blocking for the moment, what information do we need to get started, what useful links could we share, and so on.
This may also help for a future “mentoring session”.

So please, add your toughs here, what is still a blocking point for you, where you need help, and so on.
Gathering the answers here will help everyone to get started :slightly_smiling:

Thanks guys ! :wink:


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Great :slight_smile:

Having some reactions here can greatly help for this session. Come on guys :wink:

I also added my info to the pad ^^

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Maybe you can add here a couple of questions, or blocking points, where you need answer to get started ?

Hi Lapineige
I’m fachrul or Oji from Indonesia, my issues that prevent me from getting started with b2g os is I need one time to private mentor to getting start to contribute to this b2g os… It would be very helpful if one of this member can give me just a starting point or tutorial about:

  • where do I get started
  • important links (because there are too many links about foxfooding, firefox os, and b2g os out there, and it’s confusing)
  • what should I prepare (technical aspect, eg. what should I prepare to contribute to this project if I have ubuntu os)
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This should help you to get started, please don’t hesitate should you have any questions.