Common Voice: Hoolka-hoolic Language

Introduction to the Hoolka-hoolic language
The Hoolka-hoolic language is the language spoken by people who drink too much, the Hoolk-hoolic-ians.
It is characterized by the presence of articles and dragged words, sometimes similar to gibberish and sometimes similar to meaningful sentences.
The number of people who speak this language varies between 76 million and 2 billion, as it is spoken by all people who drink.

It’s fascinating to understand the phonetics and language choices behind some expressions: “gurl” and “boi” rather than “girl” and “boy,” “where arrre you” instead of “where are you” and “lets doe a breakfeast tomorrw” instead of… well, you got it.

Being spoken by many people around the world, this is an ideal language for Common Voice: the dataset will be populated as people drink, while they are drinking, and this will also make the quality of the recordings remarkable as they are almost always surrounded by characteristic environmental background noises such as clattering dishes, people talking or loud music in the background.

Adding the language to the official Common Voice language list will help to understand the mysteries of the Hoolka-hoolic language and to be able to finally decipher the mysterious language spoken by your best drinking buddy.

Try out the demo made with a preliminary dataset by using this QR: click here


We need to think carefully how these would pan up in other languages, as obviously we can not assume that all hoolk-hoolic-ians in the world speak Hoolka-hoolic – people in Brazil actually speak Bebedum! Maybe we could add varieties as accents?

The demo dataset is brilliant!