Communicating to extremely high rejection rate contributors

Is there a mechanism to pass a message to individuals who have extremely high rejection rates?

I ask as there’s one person who clearly has tremendous enthusiasm but sadly is obviously wasting their time and also those who get asked to verify the submitted sentences, since they’re almost universally poor.

I don’t want to make this individual feel bad, but they have trouble enunciating most words and seem not to notice their own inabilities. With any mildly complicated words they rush over the words mumbling them inaudibly. It’s a youngish female most likely from somewhere in the mid/far East. I’ve had sentences from this person when verifying over a huge period of time and on different devices, I often get a run of them and it’s never more than a brief wait before one of them comes up.

I just feel that in cases as clear cut as this, even though it costs Mozilla nothing to ignore and let them continue, it would be the right thing to say “thank you but you’re not reaching the basic quality bar, please save yourself and others time and stop submitting”.

This only makes sense with extreme cases clearly. I recall someone else mentioning about a similar case where the poor individual had a microphone problem and could be recognised but was always being rejected due to the fatal setup flaw.

I know exactly who you’re talking about and it doesn’t really bother me much because there aren’t that many clips and it’s pretty easy to just tap the no button. It takes longer to record the clips than reject them.

I think it would only really become an issue if there were multiple people this applied to. In that case Mozilla may need to look into physically preventing people with a < 20% approval rate from recording, although that would be hard to enforce with the ability to record as a guest.

I guess we’ve different thresholds for time wasted :slightly_smiling_face: , but you’re right maybe as it’s not so widespread it’s not worth the effort. BTW just seen quite how many clips you’ve listened to and it’s amazing - great job!! :+1: