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Hi everyone

It has been said over and over again by different people that finding information and news about Mozilla is not easy. This has happened to me in the past as well, suddenly I found a new website or wiki page and immediately had the thought “oh nice, glad this exists!”. Did you feel so in the past as well?

What I would like to do is an information source where community as well as staff can upload links to important and/or useful news, wiki pages, blog posts, mailing list posts, etc. This could for example also have an “upvote” functionality so you can always find the most popular/interesting/useful content. Would you like to see something like that? Would you be using it? What would you like to see on that source?

As of now, I’d rather not yet go into the direction of tooling. There are several possibilities that could be tried once there is a “requirements catalogue”.

Looking forward to read your thoughts!


Hi Michael.

Maybe the problem is bigger actually. What I have for a long time in mind is, that it’s even harder to find information for those, who are not involved at all and only seeking for new. If I would be looking for any official channel, I would start with - but that one has multiple problems. First the number of is actually many and there is no list of them. Second the itself (the main one) contains almost no information about Firefox or any interesting news, rather announcements or posts about general Mozilla direction, which sound a bit corporate. And last but not least, the frequency of posts there is not high.

To solve the problem with relevant information for contributors, I am not sure if I would subscribe to get all updates from such uber-feed you described. I would rather appreciate to find everything on MozillaWiki, when I am looking for something in particular + utilize Mozilla planet to get informed about new projects, that are in Mozilla (and are described on MozillaWiki if I want to see more info).


I very much agree that we need a modern form of what mozillaZine was in the old days: A probably in some form curated but open to all community “news source” about what’s going on at Mozilla, which at the same time is comprehensive enough that everyone in the community can read it but also actually reporting on the stuff that you otherwise won’t find, esp. because Mozilla is so large.
I’m not completely sure how to achieve it best, but I like the idea(s)!


I feel the same situation indeed on my bookmark I have a Mozilla folder full of links for everything.
Something community based can be an idea and I think that the best way is to use Reddit and share in the Mozilla channel everything and vote here. In that way we can gather votes from people outside from the community and do promotion also outside the community and get links in the reddit again from outside the community in a transparent way.
After that we get the news most voted of the week and we done!

Don’t forget that reddit is a big audience for tech and mozilla has different subreddits, discourse is pure Mozilla volunteers and in that way is limited.


I like this idea, but we kind of already have this…here…on Discourse. However I appreciate that not everyone uses it.

I remember a few years ago, there was a really cool Mozilla site map that enabled people to see different resources in different parts of the project.

I need to think about how this could look some more.

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I love this idea and have had many discussions about this lacking from
current content scope. My own journey through Mozilla since 2014 has
been hampered by this.
Discourse has made ACCESS to such information more centralised, but I
personally don’t feel it helps a newcomer gain an visually based
EXPLORE overview. By being more text based it helps those needing more
information about what’s happening right now. To me at least it does
not always reflect how each component slots into the greater.
For a successful comparison I would direct towards the MoFo’s Web
Literacy Wheel
This model, rather visually, and cohesively, collates a variety of
touch-points under the focus of Web Literacy. If one were, perhaps, a
designer or an editor or a coder, an appropriate path of potential
involvement could dive into an aligned field. They could also explore
associated areas of interest, unearthing fields they potentially had
never imagined. By its design it is just another way of exposing a
mindmap, but it also active encourages exploration.
I’m researching a lot of behaviour change studies recently, and another
effective example of a wheel visualisation can be see in the ‘Behaviour
Change Wheel’.
My supposition is the entry point for each person will be different. If
we were to take just one example entry as via Mozilla’s stance on
Privacy, we’d soon see that individual engagement on the matter could
take on a broad scope of involvement. Events, documentation, activism,
social networks, design, meme generation, policy, content creation,
journalism, code implementation, network building, video creation,
story boarding, project management, localisation, human/civil rights,
knowledge building, fact finding, etc etc.
If an early attempt is made to match these innately personal focal
triggers of interest, then the likelihood of an individual finding
something which personally aligns would increase? If we are
communicating at a fact finding stage of the user’s journey, would
communicating on very strategy based goal triggers be most effective?
The point I’m trying to make is: if we were to take the view from the
individual with X experience/focus arriving afresh to Mozilla, are we
rapidly communicating to their skills/needs match as to where they
could be most useful?
This is where text based design, through a forum of the ilk of
Discourse, could provide a healthy foundation of communicating
Mozilla’s siloes. But if the desire is to instead encourage user
interaction, and integration, then perhaps a greater user lead
communication focus is the way to go?


I’m occasionally referred to the wiki but generally, I assume that wikis are outdated.

Glancing now at it might be my first ever view of the main page; and browsing the list of popular pages, the first that caught my eye was which is outdated.

Gems in the wiki include

As far as I’m aware, anyone with Wiki editing rights can fix such errors. I tend update things as and when I see them. If you’re keen to help out, consider requesting edit access head to

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Yes, I think if the mozilla Wiki have the complete information with all the links related to blogs/community groups/ projects/ How Can I participate or something like that it would be more useful for people.