[Completed] Priority #2 - When are we doing things? [Calendar 2018]

Calendar like listing of UK community activities.

Via the continued efforts of nurturing Mozilla’s UK community, we’ve recently established a list of priorities. We can’t do them all, of course, so we’re starting with the TOP 3 results.

This is a draft thread to define what information we would like, how different groups might utilise this information, how it will look, what will success look like, etc.

Feel free to contribute your voice to the discussion below…

Further to Priority #1 (WHO are we?), this action might help the community understand what is going on in our areas.

Couple of question to kick it all off:

  • Start with a simple Google Calendar?

    • allows easy integration (subscribe to it, invite others)

    • core workflow already

    • investigate workable alternatives?

  • Include DRAFT events (in effort to rally resources)?

  • Possible to start with one calendar and later split to regions?

  • What data to include?

    • e.g. Initiative might need several cycles ahead of completion (why do it, source venue, source content, resources, vols, community, contacts, messaging, social, delivery, post-event)

    • Aligned industry events?

Calendar now added. ICAL and HTML. Points of contact @sw1ayfe and @fuzzyfox

Couple of BITLY links to help make those shareable:

http://bit.ly/mozukcommunitycal << HTML
http://bit.ly/ICALmozukcommunity << ICAL