Configuration of home router

(Guy Mcswain) #1

Does port forwarding (4443, other?) need to be turned on my router for the gateway? The repo’s config/default.js indicates ‘behindForwarding’: true, yet all the guides don’t mention this.

Also, my ISP doesn’t provide a static ip. Where does the DDNS magic happen? A quick scan of the code didn’t reveal a local DNS server or DynDNS agent.

(Michael Stegeman) #2

No, there is no need to set up port forwarding, DDNS, or anything else, unless you want to use your own domain, i.e. something other than * To make this happen, we use PageKite on a Mozilla-owned AWS server to securely tunnel traffic, and that server also handles DNS resolution. For an explanation, see here:

Essentially, the gateway initiates a secure tunnel with the AWS server. All * domains resolve to the AWS server’s IP address, but we do some magic to map that domain to the proper PageKite tunnel.