Consider removing 'I don't care about cookies' from suggested Addons


with the newest update 3.4.3, the developer of the Plugin I don’t care about cookies informed it’s users that his plugin got sold to Avast!.

The company Avast! is known for selling userdata.

In my opinion this is not what Firefox nor Mozilla stands for and it shouldn’t be supported by getting highlighted as a suggested Add-on for Firefox anymore.


Well, removing it from the recommended list will have some “unfortunate consequences”…

Unlike normal addons, those with the “Recommended” badge undergo manual review with every update. So as long as there is this badge, it’s safe to assume, the addon doesn’t do anything wrong.

I agree it doesn’t look good, but let’s wait to see how it turns out. I’m sure people will closely watch the future updates, not just in Firefox, but also in Chrome store.

Also, even big and “evil” companies has many “good” projects under their wings. For example Facebook with their “react” and “jest”, or Google with “angular”.
So maybe they just want to improve their branding :slight_smile: (I sincerely hope so!)

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