Contact form doesn’t work


(Philippe Lorin) #1

I can’t get the submit button of the contact form on this page:

to work. It just doesn’t seem to do anything: when I click on it, the form stays open.
Tested in Chrome, macOS 10.12.6.

(Michael Henretty) #2

thanks for the bug report @philippe.lorin. this should open up your OS’ default email program. have you tried with any other browsers?

(Philippe Lorin) #3

I see. Must be because of how I set up my mail client (basically: turned it off). But why would the form need to open a mail client? I find this confusing.

(Michael Henretty) #4

Yeah, better would be to send your message directly from the website. But that would take some backend work, and we have not prioritized that yet.

(Knightghost1) #5

I’d like to put here some additional question, which is: I don’t have preset e-mail client on my PC but work with e-mails explicitely on the web what means when I try to send you a message through the contact form, the new tab in the browser opens with the main page of the priority set browser.

How to send the message to you other way than through that form because obviously if you don’t have the client installed on your PC it’s impossible to contact you at all.

I’ll try to find the topic in which I could put the message I wanted to send directly to you but the answer to my question here might be of any interest to other users too.

Oh, and I usually work with Chrome, which doesn’t open even that new tab but remains “silent” (nothing happens at all). Other browsers open chrome new tab of the main page in Google chrome as it is my default browser.

Thank you.


I’m also having trouble with sending messages to the contact address. I managed to get past the form and send the email (using Gmail), but get a “Message not delivered” error.

Is there another email address I can use to contact you about this project?