Context menu item getting in the way


With the release of Firefox Screenshots in Developer Edition, I’ve had an issue with “Take a screenshot” item in the right-click menu. Since it’s positioned at the bottom of the list, it messes with my muscle memory when trying to inspect elements, leading to frustration at accidentally opening the screenshot overlay. I don’t want to disable the feature outright, but I’d appreciate an option to disable the context menu item, or it being moved up the list.

(Shaun) #2

+1 I agree

Putting the screenshot at the bottom of the list is very annoying for developers.

There should be an option to move it or remove it, without disabling the whole extension.

(Clouserw) #3

Thanks for the feedback. This is actually where all web extensions put their page actions – it just looks like a screenshots thing because that’s the only extension you have, I assume.

That said, the issue was brought up at and wontfixed by the web extensions team.