Contribution to Common Voice

Hey Common Voice team,

We have launched an open voice collection initiative with decentralized incentive - now with 2.35g, over 170,000 data, currently it’s all in Chinese.

We would right like to contribute the data to common voice.

Hope to have your feedback to proceed.


Hi @huilin.yan_EpiK, could you give some more details about the project? Thanks!

Hi @ftyers
It’s based on token economy. The mechanism incentives people to contribute their voice or their knowledge to the App, and get rewards accordingly. The reward is the native token, whereas people could use the token to read data stored on the network. They are also empowered to vote as the community with the token.
In this way we are trying to build an open sourced knowledge community where people contribute and make the best use of knowledge we have.
It’s like we consolidated scattered knowledge bases and provide a way for SMEs to access knowledge graph databases for them to better develop AI models.