Copy directly to clipboard?

(Chris) #1

Quite often I am using Hangouts and WhatsApp in my browser and I want to quickly send a snippet of what I see on my screen. The current steps are:

  1. Select the area to be to captured
  2. Click the save button
  3. Right-click the image -> Copy Image
  4. Paste the image in Hangouts & Send
  5. Switch back to the My Shots library and delete the image

It would be great if right after you select an area, there was a clipboard button to copy it to your clipboard immediately without saving it to the cloud. I have no use for storing my screencaps in the cloud most of the time, and it introduces steps 3 & 5 that could be easily avoided.


Excellent suggestion.
Select Area ->Copy to Clipboard is what I need.

(robisodd) #3

I created an account just to post this idea. I love it! “Copy to Clipboard” is standard in other screen-capture software such as Snag-It or OS features such as Mac (Command-Control-Shift-3) and Windows (print screen).

(Clouserw) #4

A button to copy directly to clipboard has landed in the latest Firefox Nightly. Look for it in Firefox 59 if you’re not on Nightly.