"Copy Link Location" context menu item label

with the “Copy Link Location” label changing to “Copy Link” the keyboard shortcut has changed from “A” to “L”. Assuming the user is a right-handed mouse user and has their left hand resting naturally on the home row keys, it is inconvenient to move to hit “L” after right clicking links to copy the link.

Would it be possible to revert this label change or at the very least provide a shortcut that is on the left side of the keyboard again? Maybe back to “C” or something? or is this shortcut configurable somehow?

and if “Copy Link Location” is no longer an option, would “Copy Link Address” work in its place? that way the “A” keyboard shortcut could be preserved rather than changing it to “L”


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I just created an account just to reply here that this is very annoying indeed. Exactly by the reasons mentioned. I really hope this will be addressed asap because it is a big step back in user efficiency :frowning:

yeah, hoping it will be resolved soon. in the meantime I am using this extension to restore the original functionality