Copy to clipboard + Privacy + Server error


I think it would be better, to make the app/addon more dynamic, if we have the option to auto copy to clipboard when you use left mouse button to select the area and give the options to cancel/save if you use right mouse button for example that way the probably most used functionality (copy to clipboard) would be quick at hand. Probably an other easy at hand shortcut could be done to take an screenshot of the whole page area.

I also noticed that when you wanna check the privacy aspects of the addon/app they are not clearly specified for it. The page sends you to a general privacy policy page that is the same for browser and cloud and does not say what info you get from us using this specific addon/app and what is done with that info.

When clicking on my captures without having any capture it tried to send me to and that page said server error.

(Felipe Solar) #2

Yesss… I was going to write the same thing but you got ahead.

(Vasily Smagin) #3

Yes, copy button and auto copying into clipboard required.
Also, it is important to have an ability to highlight something. Similar to Windows Snipping tool and other analogs.

(Jared Richards) #4

As a Tester I need this :smiley:

(Julien Bouvet) #5

Copy to clipboard would be absolutely amazing !!

(Clouserw) #6

Copying to the clipboard directly is being tracked at