Copyright infringement

(Erfurman) #1

I have a website where I sell vintage items. I see a lot of my pics turning up various places on the web and for the most part I don’t care.If people want to use them on their Facebook page or in their blog that’s fine.

But after trying this out what I see is happening is a lots of EBay clowns taking my pictures from my private website, or Google, and using them to sell their own stuff, then EBay claiming the pictures as their own and profiting from them somehow. So in essence my own pictures will be used to compete against me.

Right now I have the pics on my site set so they can’t be copy/pasted. I know there are ways around that but most people don’t know them and don’t bother to find out. There needs to be a way to either have my webpages opted out of this service or you need to give a clear, unalterable trail of where an image came from. LIke on Google when they collect photos but if people click on them it says where they were taken from.What I see here is I can capture a picture, download and paste it someplace else and there is no proof of where it came from.

(Apply55gx) #2


I understand your point of wishing for such a feature.
But in my opninion this wouldn’t really help anyone.

Lets say this feature is available:

You opt-out your site and it wouldn’t be possible to create screenshots using Firefox Screenshots.

Now the problem is this wouldn’t prevent people at all from using your images. They’d just use snipping tool or something similar to create screenshots.

So in the end it just limits the freedom of users and doesn’t helps anyone.

(And The) #3

Your understanding of this issue is a bit odd. People can take screenshots or save images pretty much anywhere. There’s the odd site that will block your ability to right-click (blocking your ability to use native “Save Image” functionality) but then a screenshot extension can just be used to circumvent that limitation. TIP: What you personally need to do is put very large watermarks on your images. I’d recommend putting them on the diagonal in large, easily read font that has something like this over it in at least two lines: “<eBay account name: “yourusername” / "” >" At least that, then center it within the boundaries of the item in the picture so anyone else can’t shave off part of your identifying information. Be realistic, it isn’t Firefox’s Screenshot app’s responsibility to help you with this raw, wildwest problem. Asking for that is kinda hinky if you ask me…