Creating a new theme

Good morning. I just recently became interested in themes and would like to create a traditional marriage theme for Thunderbird. However, I have no idea where to start to create such a theme. Does anyone have any advice or starting point? Thanks.

Here are the docs on creating themes. They should work just the same for Firefox and Thunderbird.

Nice! That seems rather straight forward and simple. Thanks!

How can i create animated Firefox-Themes?


I think you can use animated PNG’s

i try to upload an animated png but no animations available :open_mouth:

but some themes are animated… (f.e.:

Hmmm, I’m quite sure that an apng should work. The only formats that you can upload are png and jpg anyway.

I just tried with the Persona Plus addon, and that works.
Did you make sure to have your file not exceed the file size limit?

And take a look if it works with through this addon:

You can use it to set a theme without uploading it to AMO.

Firefox doesn’t fully support animated themes anymore. The theme image is cropped for performance reasons, which breaks animated themes after the first restart.

@jorgev i know it, but nevertheless i would appreciate an answer.

@MartijnJ , i finalized my apng with “APNG Anime Maker” (Great Tool) and has not reached 300KB.
Message: "Animated Pictures are not allowed"
But Thanks, Personas Plus can animate this … also in the original size of 546KB as .gif … but a pity I cannot divide it with others -.-

.gif File:
.png Animated File: (not reduced on 300 KB)

If your question is “how”, then the answer is any tool that generates animated gifs.