Creating Language Model taking long (epoch 2 running)

Here is my code for creating the language model

set -xe
if [ ! -f ]; then
echo “Please make sure you run this from DeepSpeech’s top level directory.”
exit 1

python -u
–train_files /home/javi/speech/tools/backup/train/train.csv
–dev_files /home/javi/speech/tools/backup/train/dev.csv
–test_files /home/javi/speech/tools/backup/train/test.csv
–train_batch_size 80
–dev_batch_size 80
–test_batch_size 40
–n_hidden 375
–epoch 33
–validation_step 1
–early_stop True
–earlystop_nsteps 6
–estop_mean_thresh 0.1
–estop_std_thresh 0.1
–dropout_rate 0.22
–learning_rate 0.00095
–report_count 100
–use_seq_length False
–export_dir /home/javi/speech/tools/backup/export_modal/
–checkpoint_dir /home/javi/speech/tools/backup/checkout/
–alphabet_config_path /home/javi/speech/tools/backup/DeepSpeech/data/alphabet.txt
–lm_binary_path /home/javi/speech/tools/backup/DeepSpeech/data/lm.binary

It’s been running for 48 hours, I knew it will take time for creating 30gb data.

Here i have one question, what is meant by epoch currently i am running on epoch 2 and in my commands above it mentioned 33 so how many epouh will run to create model could you please clarify?


Read the documentation for the epoch flag in util/

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The documents say --> f.DEFINE_integer(‘epochs’, 75, ‘how many epochs (complete runs through the train files) to train for’)

So if i define epoch 33 it will run for 33 times?

Could you please confirm it.