Creating milestones for B2G


Hi to everybody!
As it seems hard to see the progress of this project and its dependencies I suggest to slice the parts of work in to small milestones. Those parts we can update on the go to see whats awaiting us.
For sure I don’t whant to push anybody who adopted apps or is maintaining the core.
It is only to get a overview of done and open work. And maybe it even helps a developer to test his work.

For a first draft i wold invite you to read and update this etherpad:

In a second step we can get an overview how big and diversified the milestones are then deside where and how to manage them.
Thanks for participating, Novski.

(Lapineige) #2

Good idea.

And probably we can create (meta-)bugs for the milestones, to follow the progress easily.

Just a precision: it’s milestones for the code part (or let’s say, everything technical).

For the documentation/communication/translation tasks, we (well, I) tried to take a list of milestones on this repo:

(If someone wanna help refactoring some of them, closing and opening task, go ahead ! :))

(Krz37) #3

If there is any more input for the milestone document, please write them as soon as possible :slight_smile:, it would be great to finalize this document during next week’s meeting.
What do you think everyone? (cc @TitanNano who will be hosting the call )