CTL-V does not work


I get a dialogue box that tells me that the screen shot has been saved to the clipboard and to use CTL-V to retrieve it.

I opened Paint and CTL-V did not copy the screenshot there.

I opened MS Word 2010 and CTL-V did not copy the screenshot there.

Apparently, it did not get saved to the clipboard, although the dialogue box told me that it did.

(Arun Sathiya) #2

You might be misinformed. As far as I know, Firefox Screenshots cannot copy images to clipboard yet. You will only get a image link copied to your clipboard and not the image itself.

(Clouserw) #3

That’s correct. It’s copying the URL to the clipboard, not the image itself. We’re looking into that feature though.

(Marie Françoise Hatte) #4

Well, what good is it to have it on your clipboard, if you can’t do anything with it?
When pasting somewhere, nothing appears, not even the URL.


@clouserw The message states the link to the shot has been copied to the clipboard and you can use Ctrl-V to paste it elsewhere. However, Ctrl-V does nothing. I’ve tried pasting it into the address bar of my browser, into Word, Notepad, but nothing happens. I understand the intention is to copy the URL rather than the image to the clipboard, but even that does not seem to be happening.

But whenever this feature gets fixed, it would be preferable to copy the image rather than the URL. After all, it’s the image we’re after.

(Peter) #6

Hi, I have the same problem. Ctrl+V does not work. No URL, no link… But very good idea!

(Bob) #7

I’m looking into that feature to copy the image to the clipboard.