Current DeepSpeech architecture

Hello Team, I was looking at the last year blog from @reuben regarding change in Mozilla architecture. I am writing this query to confirm, if Mozilla still uses the same architecture. When I looked in the code, I realized that now DeepSpeech uses 6 layers. Could you please confirm if my understanding about current architecture is correct:

3 fully connected layers (dense) -> uni-directional RNN layer -> fully connected layer (dense) -> output layer (fully-connected)

The hidden fully connected layers use the ReLU activation. The RNN layer tanh activation.

@lissyx @reuben: Please throw some light.

Do you mind avoiding pinging people if you don’t have an answer within a few hours ? We are not all on the same time zone.

Besides, yes, we have not made new major changes to the core of the network since this blog post.