Custom font color and selecting other font colors in Beta 68.0b4

This might be two separate issues, or they might be related.

  1. Customized Font Color for Composing Emails doesn’t work. I have set it up to use BLUE color for my emails. It worked in my previous regular version of Thunderbird. But in Beta 68.04b, it always ends up being a black font, unless I change it manually every time. My customized font color set in Tools - Options - Composition doesn’t have any effect.

  2. Selecting a different font color on the fly now demands an extra click, which seems totally unnecessary. When I select a different font color, I am first presented with only two options:
    a) Use the previously selected color, or
    b) Click on a black band. When I click on the black band, the system then presents me with all the other color options. Why demand that additional click to select another color? Why not simply display all the color options right away as soon as I click on the font color? I am clicking on the “Font color” in order to select a different color, so why not immediately display all the available colors? That’s the way it has always worked in the past. Inserting an intermediate step is unnecessary and irritating.

It’s very nice to have the option to simply select the previously used color. But that option could simply be added to the window that displays all the other color options.