CyanogenMod ports


Last week Adam Farden posted a status of his work on the CyanogenMod port on the dev-fxos mailing list.
This work is pretty exciting, in the sense that CyanogenMod target 150+ devices, Adam was able to test it on 16 devices and says it works beautiful.

More details can be find in his latest message:

Did you get the chance to test it?


Would it be possible to know the list of these 16 devices?

Having worked with Adam on this, he tested this on several Sony devices that are part of the Open Device initiative from Sony. We also got success into booting LG G2 and LG G3 devices with (mostly) everything being functionnal as much as we could test and what was broken was often due to Gecko and hackable. Wileyfox Swift support is also based on that effort (and there is blobfree build made of it available through the B2G Installer Addon for Firefox). We got successfull build out of a hackathon in Paris on Samsung Galaxy S4 yet nobody could verify on a real device in time :/.

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Is it based on CM12 or CM 13?
Open Device initiative from Sony… I can’t figure out if th Z3 Dual is part of it or not?

Based on CM 12.1. Gecko and Gonk needs some love to support M. About Z3 Dual, I know there is kernel support for this, but I don’t have the device and I the time to test it.

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Thanks for your answers @lissyx.

@Thatoo if you wish to ask Adam directly, try either on the mailing list (link above) or ping adfad666 on IRC.
In any case let us know what you find out, the list of tested devices belongs to the doc!

Here is Adam’s answer about Z3 Dual. It gives me some hope.

I don’t have any dual SIM devices, but the Z3 device
repos should already support the dual sim variants. It should simply be a
matter of extracting the correct modem firmware blobs and adding the
correct config for Gecko to know it is a dual sim device.
I suggest checking how the other FxOS devices do DualSIM, I think flame is a dual SIM device.
I won’t be able to offer more help as I no longer work for Mozilla.
Good luck!


I guess I should post this here. I want to work on teaching people how to use the work allowing to port FXOS from CM base but first I need to get my hands on it properly, I expected it to go more smoothly :laughing: but as I was learning to build CM12 on Z3C, I got the following error :

build/core/ *** _nic.PRODUCTS.[[device/sony/z3c/]]: “vendor/sony/msm8974-common/” does not exist. Stop.

Is anyone experienced with building CM? It seems the CM wiki is quite outdated and some github repo that the scripts are using disappeared. I will also contact Adam about that.
Thank you

Thanks for letting us know, please keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Adam told me we might be facing expected bitrotting that happens because CM already moved to M base :confused:

After checking one by one the github repos it seems they are actually here, I don’t really know why I got 404 and it was not the first time. Have you compiled any CM12.1 recently?

Any update on this?