Dashboard might be a good way to keep high motivation?

(Davidbarres) #1

Heelo erevyone,

I was thinking : how could we keep motivation on top ? Could we have a dashboard with language weekly progression ? same with contributors recruitement? When I saw other language recruiting 200 contributors in 1 month while French recruited maybe 20 people… I was motivated…
Maybe create creating stimulation could create like a competition feelings ? Is there already a project like this ?

So I shared my thoughts I go to sleep…



(Michael Henretty) #2

This is in the works! Soon the homepage will have some dashboard widgets. And soon you will have a personal dashboard. See here for early wireframes:

Work for this is already underway, and we hope to start landing it in the next month or so.

(Davidbarres) #3

Great wireframe, I added a comment on that. That was my ideas !
“One more thing”, I think it would be fine to add rank community by language to create motivation by language.



(Michael Henretty) #4

We are indeed exploring the idea of language “leaderboards”, but so far have not come up with any designs for it. Thank you for the suggestion, and we will continue to investigate this :slight_smile: