Decode error

(Lissyx) #21

Yet you had an error that should not have happened … It would be helpful to others that we know why.

(Sagarrokz 999) #22

@lissyx Yeah the problem is i didn’t had the folder permission where i’m, i used sudo to install.

when i’m using sudo it is using python 2.7 so the error

Can you please also comment on the another question that i posted today in the same thread.

Thanks Sagar

(Lissyx) #23

It would have been nice to document it earlier.

Well, I don’t understand that question.

(Sagarrokz 999) #24

The question is if i add my data with the original corpus that you are using to train Deepspeech. and train the model from scratch will it show any progress. as, of now the results were not good when using with Pretrained model.


(Lissyx) #25

It all depends on a lot of parameters … How much data do you add, what are your expectations, what is exactly the current outcome …

(Sagarrokz 999) #26

Right now i got WER 0.356 so it’s like 75 percent accuracy right. But the thing is it is completely messing up with some sentences.
i want to achieve with 6-8 percent word error rate.

How much does it take if i’m adding up it to the original corpus and train from scratch.?
How much does it take if using pretrained model.?

When i got 0.356 WER i used v0.4.1 pretrained model and trained with my data which has 900 rows in train file sums up to 33 minutes.


(Lissyx) #27

On what ? Your new data ?

(Lissyx) #28

It depends on your data … But in both case, 33 minutes is way likely not enough. Remember, pretrained model ingested something like 5000 hours.

(Sagarrokz 999) #29

yeah is it too much to expect

(Sagarrokz 999) #30

so, what would be the minimum amount of data to start with.


(Lissyx) #31

again i cannot answer that.